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AASP Executive Board Positions to Begin October 2023

President-Elect. The primary responsibilities of the President-Elect include overseeing AASP's Awards Program, current Strategic Plan (in tandem with the President), developing any presidential initiatives for introduction during their presidency, and, most importantly, training to become AASP President and lead the Association.  During their year as Past President, they are Conference Planning Committee (CPC) Chair.
Term – 3 years (2023-2026); one year each as President-Elect, President, and Past President.

Membership Services Division Head. The Membership Services Division Head is responsible for enhancing the value of AASP membership to individual members and developing overarching initiatives to recruit and retain AASP members. This includes analyzing membership trends across the AASP’s membership types; developing recruitment campaigns for prospective members and retention strategies focused on maintaining current members. The Division Head oversees Special Interest Groups (SIG) as well as the Hospitality and Nominations/Leadership Development Committees. 
Term – 3 years (2023-2026).

Research & Practice Division Head. The Research and Practice Division Head is responsible for developing and supporting collaborative research opportunities in the field and providing cutting-edge research to practice educational offerings for consultants. This Board member oversees the activities of the Graduate Program, Research Development, and Science to Practice Committees.
Term – 3 years (2023-2026).

Student Representative. Two Student Representatives serve as direct liaisons to the Executive Board as a way to represent the interests of all AASP student members. They organize and communicate with student delegates, help to promote and select regional conference grants, and are responsible for planning and directing student activities at AASP's Annual Conference. Additionally, the Student Representatives coordinate and oversee the Student Development Committee.
Term – 2 years (2023-2025)... Must be a student for the entire duration of the term to be eligible to apply.

Interested in being considered as a candidate for one of these positions? Review AASP's Nomination & Election Procedures and then complete the Nomination Form. The nomination window will close on March 1, 2023.

Contact AASP at (317) 205-9225 or via email at with any questions.