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Diversity & Cultural Competence

The Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) actively promotes the respect for and the value of human diversity within members and through professional actions. 

AASP's Position Statement on Human Diversity

The Diversity Committee's charge is to ensure that AASP honors its commitment to diversity. We define diversity broadly and include (but are not limited to) race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, nationality, physical capacities, and sexual orientation. Our Committee makes recommendations to AASP's Executive Board of strategies and directives that will create an inclusive community for all our members. The objectives of the Diversity Committee are continually modified as AASP grows in its responsiveness to diversity.

AASP Statement on Recent Racialized Events – June 1, 2020

Diversity Committee

Diversity & Inclusion Council

Diversity-Based Special Interest Groups

  • Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex 
  • Race & Ethnicity in Sport
  • Women in Sport
  • Men and Masculinities

Past Diversity Lectures

October 2018
Robert Schinke, Janelle Joseph, & Caroline Fusco

Diversity and Inclusion Within Canadian Sporting Contexts

October 2016
Nzinga Shaw, Atlanta Hawks

Home Court Advantage: Promoting Pro-Level Diversity

October 2014
Angela Hucles, Wade Davis, & Hudson Taylor

More Than an Athlete: Deconstructing Sexuality, Gender, and Race in Sport

October 2012
Keith Harrison

 The Tanning of the Global Sportsworld: Assessing, Measuring, and Analyzing the Cultural Performance of Diverse Human Beings

Diversity References & Resources

Student Diversity Award

The Student Diversity Award recognizes and honors the achievements of students involved in research, service or applied experiences that focus on issues of diversity (i.e., race or ethnicity, sexual orientation, social class, disability) that impact sport, exercise and health. The recipient receives a check for $500 and free AASP conference registration as well as a plaque presented at the conference.

Oglesby-Snyder Grant for Equity and Cultural Diversity

The Oglesby-Snyder Grant for Equity and Cultural Diversity is intended to stimulate and enhance efforts to apply sport psychology research to both advance a richer knowledge base and articulate a strong rationale for advocacy assuring that the values and benefits of sport are available to all on an equitable basis.

Student Diversity Travel Grant

The Student Diversity Travel Grant is to provide racially and ethnically diverse students with a developing interest in sport and exercise psychology (SEP), who have not previously attended an annual AASP conference, the opportunity to:

  1. Attend the annual conference,
  2. Learn more about the field of SEP, and
  3. Develop professional connections within AASP as well as the field of SEP.

Past Student Diversity Award Winners

2020 Jacqueline Hyman Indiana University  
2019 Thierry Middleton Laurentian University - Canada Robert Schinke
2018 Ryan Sappington University of Maryland at College Park  
2017 Alexander (Brian) Yu University of California, Davis Trent Petrie
2016 Sae-Mi Lee West Virginia University Ed Etzel
2015 Alicia Johnson University of Tennessee, Knoxville Judy Van Raalte
2014 Johanna Foss University of Denver  
2013 Ya-Ting Shang North Carolina Greensboro  
2012 Edson Filho & Itay Basevitch Florida State University  
2011 Moe Machida Michigan State University  
2011 Alyssa Norris Washington State University  
2010 Meredith Whitley Michigan State University  
2009 Johnathan H. Duff University of Denver Mark Aoyagi
2008 Sheryll Casuga John F. Kennedy University