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Amy Baltzell, Immediate Past President

Amy Baltzell is a Clinical Associate Professor and Director of the Sport Psychology Specialization (of Counseling) at Boston University. She is a Certified Mental Performance Consultant with the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (CMPC).  Amy has worked with professional athletes and aspiring Olympians in track & field, boxing, fencing, shooting, baseball, squash, rowing, and many other sports. She has been an invited speaker to a range of sites including professional basketball, professional baseball, collegiate coaches, US Rowing annual conferences and served as a Keynote for the Swedish Sport Psychology conference, the Lincoln School Positive Psychology conference, and for AASP Northeast Regional Conferences (Springfield, 2016; Temple, 2013). She has appeared on NBC Sunday morning news, the BBC, Greater Boston, and Fox news.

Amy is the author of Living in the Sweet Spot: Preparing for Performance in Sport and Life (FIT, 2011) and editor of Mindfulness and Performance with Cambridge University Press (2016). Her research focus is on mindfulness and self-compassion in sport. Specifically she is studying the impact of Mindfulness Meditation Training in Sport, an intervention designed to help athletes improve concentration, adapt while competing and increase their tolerance of distracting thoughts and emotions.

Amy received her bachelors from Wesleyan University (CT) and earned a masters and doctorate from Boston University. She is a former US National (1989, 1990) and Olympic (1992) Rowing Team member, member of the All women’s America’s cup Sailing Team (1995), and Head Varsity lightweight rowing coach (1998-1999) at Harvard University. She taught the first course in Sport Psychology at Harvard University.

Amy has been an AASP member for approximately 12 years, and her AASP committee & leadership involvement has included the Graduate Program Committee (2013-present), Ethics Committee Member (2007-2011), and the Distinguished Student Practice Award Committee (2008-2012).