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Critical Incident in Sport

The focus of the Critical Incidents in Sport SIG is to promote the understanding of the impact from critical incidents in sport and educate sport psychology consultants on standards of practice for crisis intervention. Examples of critical incidents may include, though not limited to, catastrophic injury, fatal injury (e.g., sudden death, motor vehicle accidents), suicide, or other significant trauma. We seek to explore, discuss, understand, and educate on issues that arise in this context involving athletes, coaches, medical personnel, administration, and the larger community in order to best serve as consultants during a time of crisis.

The 6 "Cs" of Critical Incident Response in Sport: Guidance for Parents, Coaches, and Administrators (PDF)

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If you are interested in joining the Critical Incident in Sport Special Interest Group (SIG) or learning more about the group, contact SIG Coordinator Amy Athey.

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