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Helpful Hints for Planning Your Workshop

Based on past feedback, please keep in mind the following participant recommendations for your workshop:

  • Use your time wisely. 
    • Do not put in so much content that participants do not have time for questions or discussions
    • Incorporate breaks into your sessions

  • Avoid a lecture style workshop—break up your information frequently with the use of :
    • Small group discussions
    • Hands on activities
    • Videos

  • Include in your workshop
    • Practical strategies
    • Examples of application
    • Handouts
    • Consider directed readings that can be distributed prior to the workshop

  • During the workshop
    • Avoid self-promotion
    • Do not spend too much time on theory that most participants already know-they are interested in APPLICATION
    • Keep control of your session--do not allow questions and participant stories to side track your workshop

  • During your presentation, a student volunteer will be present to assist you.
    • This is a special service provided by AASP so you can remain focused on the presentation.
    • They are your "go-to" for technical support or other needs during your presentation.
    • The volunteer functions as the liaison between presenters and conference staff.