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The presentation of each Continuing Education Workshop requires specific collaboration between presenters and AASP, via its management group. The responsibilities assumed by all parties are outlined below.

Presenter Responsibilities:

  1. Design a workshop that provides an in-depth educational experience on a topic relevant to applied sport psychology that is both experiential and interactive with clear learning objectives and outcomes.
  2. Read and complete a Conflict of Interest Statement.
  3. Develop appropriate workshop materials (e.g., handouts for participants).
  4. Conduct a workshop that meets the predetermined learning objectives and outcomes.
  5. Notify the AASP Continuing Education Chair of any changes in address or contact information for presenter(s)
  6. Ensure that the first author, who must also be the primary presenter, is a current member of AASP at the time of proposal submission and the AASP Annual Conference in which the workshop is given.
  7. Submit a voucher documenting lodging and per diem expenses post conference.

Organizational Responsibilities:

  1. Provide professional, developmental, and technical assistance.
  2. Prepare and disseminate publicity materials.
  3. Establish registration fees and determine deadlines.
  4. Collect registration fees and process registration materials.
  5. Manage on-site activities, including registration, attendance, educational resource sales, and workshop evaluation.
  6. Record and maintain database of Continuing Education Contact hours.
  7. Collect, dispense, and account for all funds.
  8. Make the final determination (based on the number of pre-registered participants) whether the workshop will be held.
  9. Notify the presenter, participants, and the workshop facility in the event of cancellation.
  10. Collect, summarize, and distribute the program evaluations.
  11. Make arrangements with the facility for room set-up and audio-visual equipment.
  12. Manage A/V and room set up on site.