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Message from President Angus Mugford

August 3, 2017

Hi Everyone:

Ultimately, each of the people serving in AASP’s leadership roles care deeply about our mission to serve the community of sport psychology professionals, and future growth of the profession. While the sportpsy listserv is not an official platform for AASP communications, we know many of you have requested some feedback from the Executive Board and Interim Certification Council (ICC) regarding the title change for the certification program and I wholeheartedly agree that visibility and trust is an important part of this process.

I apologize for this being an initial and brief posting, but given the feedback generated on the listserv, I wanted to share a brief perspective and let you know that more will come in the near future. It’s important that my comments should represent multiple voices and I can’t adequately do that today, but that more will be coming. It should be clearly stated that much of the feedback and discussion around this topic has been around title and professional identity, when it should be clearly differentiated from the title of the certification (i.e. CC-AASP). 

As part of AASP’s new certification, the title earned by certificants is solely the decision of the Interim Certification Council, which was given this authority by votes of both the Fellows and the AASP Membership at the 2016 Business Meeting in Phoenix. Jack Watson has lead an incredibly thoughtful and committed process from the initial Job Task Analysis, to the formation of the ICC where each decision has been debated and discussed extensively. Attempts have been made at all points to be extremely transparent. However, we realize that this change in Title has come as a surprise to many of you.

A significant distinction that should be highlighted, is that we are talking about the name of the certification (equivalent to CC-AASP) and not the job title people choose to present themselves with. Indeed, we know that the term “psychology” is legally protected throughout North America, whereas many of the other terms mentioned on this list are not. The Canadian Sport Psychology Association has been successfully using ‘mental performance consultant’ which came into the process of discussion and ultimately recommendation. The diversity of our membership is one of our biggest strengths, but also one of our biggest challenges. To represent all things to all people and in differing contexts is not something we are trying to do, and acknowledge is a limitation. This is not significantly different from what athletic trainers, strength coaches and dietitians have encountered since going through a similar process with high levels of traction in similar industries with ATC, CSCS and RD certifications.

We are happy to hear the passion from people on this thread, since we are better with people engaging in the future of our community. If we can use the momentum of positive energy into all areas of our future will be very bright. An additional message will come out soon, but I wanted to make sure that you knew that your voices are heard and that the leadership of AASP is working hard to improve the opportunities for us all.


Angus Mugford, Ph.D., CC-AASP
Director of High Performance
Toronto Blue Jays
2016-2017 AASP President

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