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Call for Comments on CMPC Credential

August 24, 2017

Greetings AASP Members:

As indicated in the August 23, 2017 letter from the Interim Certification Council (ICC), we are seeking your input regarding the proposed credential and certification mark (i.e., Certified Mental Performance Consultant / CMPC) for the updated certification program. Please note that the credential and certification mark may or may not be what one uses to identify theirself to potential clients. That is, the CMPC credential and certification mark would be used to identify certificants of this specific certification program, and may (or may not) be different from what people call themselves professionally.

The letter from the ICC explained the rationale behind the name of the credential and certification mark (i.e., Certified Mental Performance Consultant and CMPC) as well as the process that was followed to arrive at the decision to implement these changes in credential and certification mark.

This letter is a call for your feedback on the proposed CMPC credential and certification mark. We recognize there are other aspects of the new certification process that are of interest to AASP members. Likewise, we recognize there are concerns with respect to how practitioners may legally refer to themselves in the workplace, and a number of ideas about how AASP might address these issues. These concerns are important, but are not within the purview of the ICC/CC, nor are they applicable to the name of the credential. This call and your email responses should focus exclusively on the CMPC certification mark. Your responses to this call, both support and concerns, will be used by the ICC and CC to inform their decision about finalizing the credential and certification mark.

Responses will be content analyzed to identify themes and the frequency with which each theme is present across responses. NOTE: no individual names or identifying information will be reported to the ICC or CC; only aggregated comments will be reported. However, de-identified comments in aggregate will be reported using the exact wording that was submitted.

October 1, 2017 has been identified as the implementation date for the new certification program process. In order to meet this deadline, we are providing a two-week window in which members can provide valuable feedback. Please follow these guidelines to help ensure we accurately represent the membership's perceptions.

  1. We have a hard deadline for accepting comments. No additional comments will be accepted after close of business (5:00 EDT) Thursday, September 7, 2017.
  2. Please consolidate your comments into one email. That is, you may submit as many comments as you are so inclined, but please send only one email.
    1. Please clearly indicate whether each comment within your email is a PRO (supportive of the CMPC credential and mark) or CON (non-supportive of the CMPC credential and mark).
  3. Please indicate whether or not you are currently a Certified Consultant - AASP (CC-AASP).
  4. Please indicate your specialty area (e.g., Clinical/Counseling, Sport Psychology, Sport/Exercise Science, Exercise Psychology, Performance Psychology, etc.).
  5. Please send your comments via email (no attachments, please) with the subject line "CMPC Comments" to Certification Council member Betsy Shoenfelt at

Based on member responses and the initial work conducted by the ICC, the ICC/CC will make the final decision on the certification credential and mark together. The ICC/CC is the autonomous governing body (as mandated by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies, or NCCA, and noted in the AASP Constitution Article IX) for the AASP certification program and is solely responsible for establishing, reviewing, and overseeing the implementation of all policies and decisions related to the certification program. Thus, the final decision will be made by this group after considering the feedback received from the membership.

Thank you for providing your input on the CMPC certification mark by Thursday, September 7, 2017.

Certification Council (CC) and Interim Certification Council (ICC)

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