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Opportunity to Provide Feedback on New CMPC Credential

August 18, 2017

Dear AASP Members:

We are writing to explain a process that the Interim Certification Council (ICC) and the newly formed Certification Council (CC) have agreed upon to address AASP member questions about the recently announced Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC) credential and certification mark for the new certification program.

The ICC/CC will coordinate the following activities to provide additional information and to invite input from members regarding the CMPC credential and certification mark:

First, ICC members are working on a more detailed rationale outlining the process and issues discussed when developing the CMPC credential and certification mark for the updated certification program and plan to send it to all members within the week.

Second, based on that rationale, members will be invited to submit written (electronic) letters to the ICC/CC about the CMPC credential and certification mark. The ICC/CC will conduct a content analysis of the information in the letters to identify key themes from members. A call for these email letters will be made immediately after members receive the detailed rationale statement, and members will have two weeks to send thoughts and feedback of support or concern to the ICC/CC.

These emails/letters should focus entirely on the name of the credential and certification mark (i.e., Certified Mental Performance Consultant / CMPC), and not the title that members use to refer to themselves in their jobs and not the policies that have been created for the certification to date. The CMPC credential and certification mark would be used to identify certificants of this specific certification program, and may (or may not) be different from what people call themselves professionally.

As a result of the initial work conducted by the ICC and member responses, the ICC/CC will make the final decision on the certification credential and mark together. The ICC/CC is the autonomous governing body (as mandated by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies, or NCCA, and noted in the AASP Constitution Article IX) for the AASP certification program and is solely responsible for establishing, reviewing, and overseeing the implementation of all policies and decisions related to the certification program. Thus, the final decision will be made by this group, after considering the feedback received from the membership.

The intent of these procedures is to follow the principles of "fair process" (Kim  & Mauborgne, 2011), which includes engagement, explanation, and expectation clarity. Engagement means that members are asked for input on the CMPC credential and certification mark. Explanation means that everyone involved will be provided with a clear rationale for the final decision made by the ICC/CC. Expectation clarity means that once the decision is made, the new responsibilities and standards, as well as expected consequences, are clearly delineated.

It is our intent to provide you with additional rationale from the ICC/CC for the designation of the certification mark, and then listen to your thoughts in response to that rationale. We welcome your participation in the feedback process.

Certification Council (CC) and Interim Certification Council (ICC)

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