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December 2016 Update

December 16, 2016
Dear AASP Members:
The Interim Certification Council (ICC) writes this letter to inform you of upcoming changes regarding AASP's certification program. As you know, AASP's 2011-2015 and 2016-2018 Strategic Plans both included a charge and significant commitment to improving our certification program. During the past 5 years, a number of dedicated, energetic AASP Members and Certified Consultants have volunteered their time in various ways in an effort to make AASP certification the "gold standard" in the profession. In addition, at the 2016 Annual Conference in Phoenix, our membership voted for constitutional changes that allowed for the creation of a Certification Council that will have the authority to guide the development of the certification program so that it can meet the certification standards set forth by the National Council for Certifying Agencies (NCCA).
The ICC has been in place for a number of months now and has been working diligently on the transition to a new certification program. After significant discussion and following consultation with a certification expert, the ICC has identified three essential timeline items regarding the certification program of which AASP members should be aware:

1) Applications to the new CC-AASP Certification Program will be accepted starting October 1, 2017.

The ICC believes AASP has an organizational responsibility to provide AASP members (i.e., current Certified Consultants, applicants formally reviewed yet denied certification by the Certification Review Committee, and members currently preparing to submit their certification application) with sufficient time to adjust to the new certification requirements. This start date allows AASP to launch the new certification program in a timely manner while simultaneously supporting the transition of our current Certified Consultants, applicants with outstanding certification requirements (see #2 below), and new applicants (see #3 below) to the new certification program.

2) Applicants whose materials have been formally reviewed with outstanding requirements (i.e., paid the fee and have received a formal letter) by the Certification Review Committee will have until September 1, 2017 to submit requested documentation for any outstanding certification requirements (e.g., coursework, mentored experience hours).


The Certification Review Committee will work diligently to shepherd previously reviewed applicants through the completion of their outstanding requirements by the September 1, 2017 deadline.  This includes both Standard and Provisional applicants who need to submit documentation (e.g., official transcripts) for the completion of outstanding requirements (e.g., coursework) as well as Provisionally-certified applicants who need to submit Provisional-to-Full applications to document the completion of the additional 300-hour mentored experience. All applicants unable to satisfy their outstanding certification requirements (and/or submit their Provisional-to-Full applications where appropriate) by the September 1, 2017 deadline will be required to submit a new application and meet the requirements of the new certification program to become certified.


3) The Certification Review Committee will not accept or review any new applications to the original certification program at the upcoming February 1, 2017, June 1, 2017, or September 1, 2017 application deadlines. Rather, all new applications for certification will be accepted into the new CC-AASP Certification Program (see #1 above) and reviewed according to the new certification guidelines.

The ICC reached this decision after significant discussion and consultation with a certification expert. The decision to not take new applications into the existing certification program and accept applications into the new program is consistent with the strategic plan objective of strengthening AASP's certification program to enhance the credibility and value of the CC-AASP credential to AASP members, potential employers, and consumers. The ICC believes that new applicants will derive the greatest professional benefit from certification through an NCCA-accredited certification program and is committed to keeping AASP members informed regarding this transition.
The ICC recognizes the uncertainty associated with the change to a new certification program. With that in mind, it is expected that the policies and procedures of the new CC-AASP Certification Program, including the new certification eligibility requirements, will be finalized and approved by the Certification Council by April 1, 2017. In keeping with the intentions of the Fellows, we do anticipate that diversity/multiculturalism coursework will be required at some point in the future. Furthermore, as has been done in the past, letters to potential employers from AASP on behalf of those seeking jobs that require the CC-AASP credential can be provided upon request during this time of transition to the new certification program.
Finally, we understand that members may have questions or concerns regarding the new CC-AASP Certification Program and the information contained herein. This is an enormous undertaking and a significant transition for our organization. The ICC will send out updates about the new certification program on a monthly basis, starting towards the end of January. In the meantime, please feel free to contact members of the ICC at any time to discuss the new certification program using the contact information below.
Sarah Castillo (
Stephany Coakley (
Interim Certification Council