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CMPC® Emeriti

CMPC® Emeritus status is awarded to an individual who has achieved distinction through 10 or more years of active certification as a Certified Mental Performance Consultant® (CMPC).

Active, Inactive and CMPC® Emeritus Status

As stated in the Certification Program Candidate Handbook, only active CMPCs and fellow CMPC® Emeriti who apply to be non-certified approved mentors are eligible to provide mentorship services to applicants as part of the mentored experience requirement.

Active CMPC®: Individuals certified by the Certification Council are deemed to have an acceptable level of knowledge and the skills needed to provide applied sport psychology services as defined in the scope of the certification program. Recertification, including completion of continuing education and professional development activities, is required every five years to maintain the credential. Failure to renew will result in inactive CMPC® status. Active CMPCs are listed in the CMPC® Finder web tool; CMPC® Emeritus are not.

CMPC® Emeritus: Persons who have been an active CMPC® for at least 10 years and remained in good standing are eligible for the Emeritus status. The distinction is conferred by the Certification Council who affirms that the consultant has met all eligibility requirements.

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CMPC® Emeriti

Bonnie Berger (2018)

Daniel Czech (2020)

Charmaine DeFrancesco (2019)

Burton Giges (2017)

Richard Gordin (2019)

Emma Grindley (2017)

John Heil (2019)

Wayne Hurr (2017)

Paula King (2020)

Mimi Murray (2019)

Carole Oglesby (2017)

Peder Piering (2018)

Kay Porter (2019)

Kenneth Ravizza (2016)

Tara Scanlan (2020)

Christine Selby (2018)

Gerry Tate (2018)

Mike Voight (2019)