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How The Rosen Group is Helping to Implement AASP's New Media Strategy

Kristen Dieffenbach, PhD, CC-AASP, West Virginia University, AASP Public Relations & Outreach Division Head

In their role as AASP’s new PR firm, The Rosen Group (TRG) is working on initiatives aimed at increasing our PR and Media Outreach. They are also helping us to implement a cross-platform media strategy aimed at raising the awareness of the field, promoting AASP as the go-to organization and, most importantly, highlighting AASP’s professional leadership within sport and exercise psychology. We are happy to report that, in the two months since joining our team, TRG has been very proactive in suggesting improvements to our overall approach and initiated several positive changes.

Within TRG’s work with reporters and media outlets seeking story and feature input, the main emphasis is on proactive branding and messaging. AASP members on Twitter may have already noticed a new wrinkle – tweeting information about the latest research and practice articles in our journals, which has resulted in very positive social media metrics.

Based on the shift in strategy to focus more on AASP as an organization, we wanted to advise members that TRG will not be working with members in an individual promotional or marketing capacity. This is a departure from how the previous PR firm was utilized; however, AASP leadership strongly believes that it ensures that our PR resources are deployed in a manner that can benefit the largest number of members possible and achieve media goals in our Strategic Plan.

If you have any questions, please contact Kristen Dieffenbach, AASP’s PR and Outreach Division Head, at