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Resources for Athletes

You are an athlete. You want to get the best possible performance from your talent and hard work. You have good physical skills, impressive tactical knowledge, and excellent fitness. But have you trained your mind?

Services provided by Certified Mental Performance Consultants (CMPCs) offer athletes at all levels of sport participation an opportunity to add mental skills to your physical ones. For example, you can learn to set effective goals, deal with wins and losses, be a leader, concentrate better, be more confident, stay composed under pressure, and enjoy your experiences in sport. Such skills are trainable and controllable, and when executed, they can significantly increase the likelihood that your performance will improve.

The information contained in this website will offer strategies you can use as you work toward your sport goals. You might find that while you learn helpful strategies, additional assistance may be needed. Working with a CMPC can be a fun and rewarding experience. Not only will you learn skills to assist you in sport, they can be used in many life situations beyond sport.