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Performance Excellence Movement (PEM)

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Mission Statement

The Performance Excellence Movement (PEM) newsletter is a visually engaging, online magazine designed to increase public awareness of the application of sport and exercise psychology skills. PEM informs readers with insight into opportunities to apply performance psychology techniques within sport and non-sport domains. Previous editions have focused on business coaching, medicine, the military, music, and elite athletes. PEM is written and edited by AASP student members.


The objectives of PEM are as follows:

  • Yearly publication of a PEM newsletter dedicated to exploring the use of performance enhancement skills in unique settings.
  • Increased AASP student member involvement in student initiatives through submission of articles for each PEM newsletter.
  • Recognition of AASP student and professional members’ contributions to the sport and exercise psychology field through member profiles in each newsletter.
  • Inclusion of evidence-based practice or peer-reviewed research wherever possible.
  • Distribution of the PEM newsletter to a broad audience, including AASP students and regional representatives, the AASP website, and appropriate non-AASP forums.


  • Increase submissions to PEM to at least 6 by increasing publicity, contacting department chairs, and announcing the deadline for submission multiple times.

History of PEM

The PEM was originally established in 2001 by Robert Fazio and Michelle Coleman with the goal of increasing “awareness, knowledge, and skill set in relation to how sport and exercise psychology expertise can be effectively applied in a number of domains.” The newsletter was originally known as the PEP (Performance Excellence Program) and was a joint venture with APA Division 47. After a hiatus between 2003 and 2005, the PEM has continued to distribute newsletters annually under the name "Performance Excellence Movement".

Past PEM Articles