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Proactive Peer and Undergraduate Mentoring Program (PPUMP)

Mission Statement

 The mission of the Proactive Peer and Undergraduate Mentoring Program (PPUMP) is to broaden the scope of applied sport and exercise psychology (SEP) through mentorship and outreach to undergraduate students. The goals include expanding the SEP field within kinesiology and psychology and engaging in outreach to programs in athletic training, physical therapy, athletic coaching education, clinical psychology, counseling psychology, and other related fields. Lastly, mentorship and collaboration is promoted by providing undergraduate students with a database of enthusiastic graduate students who have diverse research interests, applied experiences, university affiliations, and geographic locations.


 The objectives behind PPUMP are threefold:
  1. to create a list of graduate students who are competent and willing to serve as mentors for their peers and prospective students as they search for graduate programs that best fit their needs
  2. allow students to assist and collaborate with other sport and exercise psychology students interested in similar research topics and applied experiences
  3. inform undergraduates about AASP and applied sport and exercise psychology.

Current PPUMP Goals

  • Goal I: Update PPUMP database
    • Recruit new mentors excited to serve as mentors and perform outreach activities for undergraduate students interested in sport and exercise psychology
    • Transition out mentors who have served and have now graduated or no longer wish to continue as mentors
    • Generate a comprehensive database of all PPUMP mentors with mentor information (including education, research, and applied interests and experiences)
  • Goal II: Outreach to other students about sport and exercise psychology, AASP and PPUMP.
    • Each PPUMP contributor will deliver at least two presentations in undergraduate courses such as sport and exercise psychology, psychology, kinesiology, exercise science, and counseling courses
    • Increase PPUMP presence at graduate school fairs, job fairs, and career counseling centers through physical presence or the dissemination of PPUMP flyers and information for interested undergraduates
    • In preparation for the 2012 AASP Conference in Atlanta, PPUMP will collaborate with other AASP student leaders to contact universities in the greater Atlanta area and provide information about AASP, PPUMP and the 2012 AASP Undergraduate Day
  • Goal III: Update the PPUMP presentation
    • Revise and update the outreach presentation to include new information

PPUMP Outreach Projects

Proactive Peer Undergraduate Mentoring Program

PPUMP is currently in the process of making contacts to deliver presentations informing undergraduate students about AASP, PPUMP and the fields of sport and exercise psychology. This program will primarily be targeting students who have not had any exposure to applied sport and exercise psychology such as psychology or kinesiology undergraduate students and students at small colleges and community colleges. PPUMP mentors who participate in this project get the opportunity to represent the field of applied sport and exercise psychology and AASP as well as the opportunity to hone their public speaking and presentation skills. 
As of 2012, over 4000 undergraduate students at eight colleges and universities (University of North Texas, Ivy Tech, Purdue University, Miami University of Ohio, Argosy University, Chicago, University of Utah and Oregon State University) have been presented with information regarding sport and exercise psychology, AASP, and PPUMP.  Since 2009, presentations have also been given at West Virginia University, Waynesburg University, Temple University, Western Washington University, Michigan State University, Springfield College and the Professional School of Psychology at Forest Institute, reaching hundreds of additional students.

PPUMP Presentations

The PPUMP presentation is designed to represent a brief overview of applied sport psychology, AASP as an organization, and the opportunities found in sport and exercise psychology. This overview includes descriptions of Performance Psychology, Social Psychology, and Health and Exercise Psychology. Finally, students are given information about membership and conference opportunities. 
View Presentation (Powerpoint format)

PPUMP Database

The PPUMP database was created in order to provide prospective sport and exercise psychology students with a list of current graduate students willing to serve as their mentors. The database allows interested students to search for mentors by location (state or school), research interests, and professional interests. Mentors can provide information to their mentees regarding graduate school, career possibilities, and share their own experiences as graduate students in the field. They may also serve as a connection between mentees and sport and exercise psychology professionals. 
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PPUMP Flyer 

The PPUMP flyer is an informational document regarding PPUMP, AASP, and the field of sport and exercise psychology designed specifically for undergraduate students who are interested in learning more about graduate training and career possibilities in our field. The flyer has been distributed via e-mail to current AASP students, career service centers as various universities, and students who contact PPUMP mentors for information about sport and exercise psychology. Improving the flyer to best meet the needs of students is an ongoing project as knowledge and opportunities in sport and exercise psychology continue to expand. PPUMP is always on the lookout for creative-minded individuals willing to improve the look and content of the flyer. 
View the Flyer (PDF) 

History of PPUMP

The PPUMP initiative was started by former AASP student representative Rob Fazio during 2000-2001. Rob's goal was to close the development gap that less seasoned students felt when they became members of AASP. He conceptualized PPUMP as a network where more experienced graduate students could help one another as well as mentor students that were newer to the field. Current AASP professionals Karen Collins, Justine Reel, and Josh Avondoglio were instrumental in helping Rob to get PPUMP up and running during the early years. Since this time, other students have contributed to the development of PPUMP by creating an informational flyer, working to spread the word about AASP and PPUMP at their respective universities, and most recently conducting informational outreaches in undergraduate courses at colleges and universities across the country.

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