Members Area

Ethics Committee Overview

The AASP Ethics Committee is comprised of applied sport psychology professionals and graduate students with an interest and working knowledge of ethics in various areas of academia and practice. These people volunteer their time and expertise to assist members who struggle with concerns and dilemmas related to their educational or work settings. Members of the Ethics Committee help other members think through these situations in an objective manner based upon the AASP Ethics Code. Questions and concerns brought to the Ethics Committee are kept confidential. The Ethics Committee is not involved in the enforcement of AASP Ethics Code or consequating professional behavior that may be seen as unethical. Each AASP member is responsible for his or her own professional behavior.

Ethics Committee members meet at the annual conference. Members also write a regular column for the AASP Newsletter and make regular presentations at the annual conference on ethical issues. Recently, members offered a 2–day continuing education ethics course for members prior to the fall conference.

Examples of concerns that members have aired with the Ethics Committee are:

  • An individual has contacted me via email and has asked me to work with him/her, is it ethical for me to do so?
  • I have become aware that another AASP member has been acting unethically. What can/should I do about this?
  • AASP provides a list of individuals who can supervise my applied work from a distance. Is it appropriate to supervise applied work from a distance?