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Grants and Awards

Distinguished International Scientist-Practitioner Award

The Distinguished International Scientist-Practitioner (DISP) Award honors the achievements of outstanding individuals from the international community whose scientific and/or applied work has significantly impacted the field of sport and performance psychology as evidenced by a distinguished record of publications and/or by exceptional quality and innovation in service delivery. The DISP recipient will receive waived AASP Annual Conference registration, certain covered expenses, and complimentary AASP membership in the year following the conference. 

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Gualberto Cremades International Research Grant

The Gualberto Cremades International Research Grant recognizes an international student as principal investigator, residing within or outside the US, for a research project focusing on sport and performance psychology from an international perspective, with particular emphasis on collaborative efforts from a cross-cultural perspective and/or approaching the field from a non-Eurocentric, non-U.S perspective. The research grant is for a maximum of $1,000 as well as waiver of the AASP Conference registration fee for presenting the research at a future conference. Funded by the AASP Foundation. 

Oglesby-Snyder Grant for Equity and Cultural Diversity

The Oglesby-Snyder Grant for Equity and Cultural Diversity is intended to stimulate and enhance efforts to apply sport psychology research to both advance a richer knowledge base and articulate a strong rationale for advocacy assuring that the values and benefits of sport are available to all on an equitable basis.

Inclusion, Diversity, and Excellence in Advocacy and Social Justice (IDEAS) Student Award

The purpose of the IDEAS (Inclusion, Diversity, and Excellence in Advocacy and Social Justice) Award is to recognize and honor the achievements of students involved in research, service, or applied experiences that focus on diversity, inclusion, social justice, or advocacy in sport and performance psychology.

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Student Diversity Travel Grant

The Student Diversity Travel Grant is to provide racially and ethnically diverse students with a developing interest in sport, exercise, and performance psychology (SEP), who have not previously attended an annual AASP conference, the opportunity to:

  1. Attend the AASP Annual Conference;
  2. Learn more about the field of SEP; and,
  3. Develop professional connections within AASP as well as the field of SEP.