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Research Grants

Applications are due April 1 of every year.

>> Click here to access the 2023 AASP Research Grant Application

A. Purpose

The Association for Applied Sport Psychology offers "seed grants" for research projects. Grants range from $250 to $5,000, recognizing that the total funds available in one year are $35,000. The primary function of these research awards is to provide limited support to early career professionals (pre-tenured faculty) or students for their research endeavors. Secondary consideration will be given, pending available funds, for projects from tenured faculty or practitioners for projects that clearly benefit the members of AASP.

In general, proposals must:

  • Integrate research and practice;
  • Be clearly articulated;
  • Show potential for contributing to the knowledge base in sport and exercise psychology.
  • Not exceed the stated word limits for each section (see section “C. Application Procedure”).

B. Eligibility

  • Any person who has been a continuous member of AASP for at least 3 years is eligible.
  • If students cannot meet this requirement, they may co-author the proposal with a member (typically their advisor) who does meet the requirement. However, it must be clear that it is the student's - not the advisor's - project. If the advisor needs to be first author for university’s purposes even though it’s the student’s work, please denote it’s the student’s project on the application.
  • The primary recipient of an AASP research grant may only receive funding once every 3 years.
  • Projects may only be funded through one of the AASP Grant mechanisms (Research, Collaborative Research, Community Outreach, or Oglesby-Snyder). The other grant types have a separate application form.

C. Application Procedure

Proposals must include the following components:

  1. Investigator information (250 words per named applicant)
  2. Title & Abstract (300 words or less)
  3. Specific Aims (500 words or less), Background and Significance/Importance (1,000 words or less), Research Design and Methods (1,500 words or less)
  4. References (only those cited)
  5. Budget and budget justification
  6. Appendix, must include the following submitted as individual PDFs via upload on the application in Google Forms:
    1. Approval for the Use of Human Subjects by an Institutional Review Board. Applicants must provide evidence that the project has received approval for the use of human subjects, or is in the process of being reviewed by an Institutional Review Board. If the review is in process, approval must be documented before funds can be released.
    2. Participant informed consent form.
    3. Vitae for lead investigator, and biosketch for faculty advisor if the lead investigator is student. Applicants' vitae must not exceed three single-spaced pages and should include academic degrees, positions held, awards, publications, presentations, and other information relevant to the current project.
  7. Submission Checklist

Failure to include all components listed above, or proposals that do not conform to length specifications, will not be reviewed.

D. Budget and Timeframe

  • Budgets must fall between $250 and $5,000.
  • Awards will be paid to the lead investigator’s department or organization/company, if one exists, and can cover costs such as equipment, hourly assistance, materials, incentives, and supplies.
  • Budgets may not include indirect costs, salaries for the investigator(s), or travel to present the results.
  • Grants are awarded for a one-year time frame beginning June 1.
  • Unspent balances will revert to AASP unless a written request for extension is submitted 6 weeks prior to grant expiration and is approved by the Research Development Committee.
  • Failure to complete the project may require reimbursement.

E. Obligations

  • Recipients must submit a budget statement and summary of progress of 500 words or less within 3 months after the end of the funding period. If the grant is not managed through an organizational grants office (e.g., University grants office), copies of receipts must be provided along with the final budget statement.
  • An abstract of the completed work will be submitted for consideration at the first eligible AASP national conference that follows the completion of the grant.
  • Any publication(s) resulting from the grant should acknowledge the funding from AASP.

Applications are due April 1 of every year. 

>> Click here to access the 2023 AASP Research Grant Application

Other information:

This grant application is to be submitted via Google Form. We recommend having all of your responses prepared prior to beginning the application in a locally saved Word document, and then copying the information in when you are ready to submit. Follow through the form and complete all required items as well as any other relevant or necessary information. The appendices (Human Subjects Approval, Consent Form, and CVs) should be submitted by uploading PDFs to the Google Form. You will not be able to save an incomplete application and return to it; however, in the event that you don't know the answer to a question, you may enter some text as a placeholder, and then you will have the opportunity to make any edits after initially submitting the complete application. Please note that all applications will be considered final at the time of the deadline. Contact if you have questions.