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Welcome to the student section of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology website. As you browse through this section you will not only be exposed to the students who have taken on leadership positions within the Association, but more importantly you will be privy to the excellent projects and ideas that have been primarily spearheaded by the student members of AASP.

Students represent about 40% of the total membership of the Association, but students are 100% of its future. As a result, student members in AASP are excellence in teaching, research, service, and applied aspects of sport and exercise psychology with the intentions of becoming qualified and competent professionals in this field.

If you are new to the organization or looking for resources to learn more about sport and exercise psychology, its possible applications, or other student development materials, we suggest you visit our video resources page.

Why Join AASP?

If you are not yet a member and want to become involved in the organization, we encourage you to join! To become an official student member of AASP check out the Membership Benefits and Membership Types and then click on the "Join" button if AASP seems like a good fit for what you're looking for in a sport psychology organization.

Student Member Benefits

Being a member of the organization allows an opportunity to meet other individuals passionate about the field and develop both personally and professionally.

  • Becoming involved in various student-led and organized initiatives is a great way to be introduced to AASP. MORE INFORMATION »
  • Many students serve on organization-wide committees. MORE INFORMATION »
  • AASP offers smaller forums for your unique interest in Special Interest Groups. MORE INFORMATION »
  • If you are a member and are interested in becoming more involved, we encourage you to complete the AASP Student Member Interest and Involvement Form.

Remember, an organization is only as strong as its members. Moreover, the longevity of a field is dependent on its upcoming members—the students. So please browse this section to learn more about who we are, what we do, and how you can become more involved in the organization.

If you have any questions contact AASP E-Board Student Representatives, Julia Cawthra or Jorge Ballesteros.

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*Please note that AASP student membership needs to be verified before the person will be accepted into the group.