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Registry of Approved Mentors

The Registry of Approved Mentors is a combined listing of certified and non-certified mentors who are approved by the Certification Council to provide mentorship to candidates related to the certification program’s mentored experience requirement. Candidates should confirm that mentors are listed in the Registry and approved by the Council before beginning their mentored experience; and, ensure their mentors maintain their Registry listing throughout to avoid the risk of accumulated hours not being eligible for credit.

CMPC Mentor Guidelines and Best Practice Recommendations are available here.

Click here to view the application form to become an AASP approved mentor.

Questions to Ask Potential Mentors

When contacting Certified Mental Performance Consultants® (CMPCs) or approved non-certified mentors for potential mentorship, you may want to request the following information:

  • Amount the mentor would charge you per hour for mentorship services
  • Manner in which the mentor could provide mentorship hours (e.g., face to face, phone, video)
  • Whether you need your own athletes or performers to work with or if the mentor will provide access to a client base
  • The mentor’s experience or special skills, such as working with teams vs. individuals, specialized in working with only one sport or many, level of athletes worked with, and his or her conceptual framework
  • Any additional requirements the mentor has for mentoring certification candidates (e.g., mentee needing liability insurance)

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