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Teaching Excellence Award

Funded by the AASP Foundation

The Teaching Excellence Award was developed to acknowledge exceptional classroom educators in the field of sport, exercise, and performance psychology. This award is given to recognize a member of AASP who demonstrates teaching excellence and advances the field/profession of sport psychology through teaching.

Award Criteria

Nominees must meet the following criteria:

  1. Professional or student member of AASP.
  2. Be a faculty member, adjunct, or graduate student with a workload consistent for their institution and position but whose primary role includes being actively involved in sustained teaching activities.
  3. Demonstrate a clear and consistent commitment to student learning, course innovation, and/or collaboration with other educators.

Submission Guidelines

Any AASP member may nominate (or self-nominate) an AASP member for this award.

The nomination materials should include:

  • At least three letters of support; no more than five letters may be submitted. The letters of support should include:
    • At least one letter from a colleague (e.g., a teaching peer) who can speak to their teaching performance;
    • At least one letter from a Department Chair or other colleague within the institution (e.g., program director or Dean) who can offer additional commentary on the applicant’s commitment to student success and course innovation, and confirm that the applicant’s primary role includes being actively involved in sustained teaching activities; and,
    • The remaining letter(s) could include support letters from current/former students.  

These letters should demonstrate and include detailed information about the person’s sustained involvement in teaching activities, effectiveness of teaching, demonstrate their commitment to student success and course innovation, and highlight their willingness to go above and beyond for the students whom they serve.

Each letter for support may be no more than two (2) pages single-spaced.

  • Submission of a resume/curriculum vitae is required.

Application materials are to be submitted as one, final PDF document to

Committee Review

A three-person subcommittee from the AASP Foundation, including one student member, will review the application(s).

Award Benefits:

A plaque, cash award of $250 (paid by AASPF), and waiver of the conference registration fee for that year’s conference (paid by AASPF) will be awarded at the Annual Conference. 

*Deadline for this award: March 1 of each year.