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Journal Awards for JASP, JSPA, and CSSEP

Available awards include:

Criteria and guidelines

For both the Paper of the Year Award and Reviewer of the Year Award, each Associate Editor (AE) of the Journal of Applied Sport Psychology (JASP), Journal of Sport Psychology in Action (JSPA), and Case Studies in Sport and Exercise Psychology (CSSEP) will propose two papers/reviewers. Using this shortlist, each AE will review each paper/reviewer using the below rubrics. The Editor-in-Chief (EiC) is to make the final decision and would share their recommendation to the AASP Publications and Information Division Head who will inform the AASP Executive Board representatives. First authors for Paper of the Year must not be an EiC or AE of the respective journal, nor can these individuals nominate themselves.

Paper of the Year Award
(5-point ratings based on journal's aims and scope and AASP vision and mission):

  1. The paper has the potential to significantly advance thought, theory, and research on applied aspects of sport/exercise/health psychology.
  2. The paper promotes the development of psychological theory, research, and intervention strategies in sport/exercise/health psychology.
  3. The paper reflects the values of AASP of excellence, respect, integrity, diversity, collaboration, and service.

Reviewer of the Year Award
(5-point ratings, informed by Taylor & Francis criteria and from another journal)

The Reviewer of the Year Award acknowledges the volunteer work of reviewers who have contributed the most to the review process by providing high-quality and timely reviews of papers submitted for consideration to the journal. In addition, the award acknowledges the outstanding contribution of one reviewer, whose insightful and supportive feedback has helped authors substantially improve their papers.  

  1. The reviewer has offered exceptional quality review(s) during the previous 12 months (dates provided each year).
  2. The reviewer has provided timely review(s) in the 12 months of July 1-June 30.
  3. The reviewer's feedback was insightful and supportive.
  4. The reviewer's feedback had the potential to substantially improve the work of the author(s).
  5. The reviewer has completed at least 3 reviews.

Award decisions will be made by July 31 of the year of presentation. 

Awards Presentation

Award recipients will be presented with a certificate at the AASP Annual Conference the year they are selected. The award will be presented by the journal EiC or AASP Publications and Information Division Head if the EiC is not present. Six total awards will be given each year; two per journal.