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Early Career Applied Practitioner Award

Funded by the AASP Foundation

The Early Career Applied Practitioner Award is designated for sport psychology practitioners who have recently entered into the applied field post-graduation. The purpose of this award is to support those early in their career, a time that is often marked by financial instability, as well as to recognize the difficulty of starting a new practice.

Award Criteria

Nominees must meet the following criteria:

  1. Professional member of AASP.
  2. Be an Early Career Practitioner (ECP), within seven years of obtaining her/his doctoral degree (or master’s degree with no intention of pursuing a doctoral degree).
  3. Have exhibited excellence in applied sport psychology practice.

Submission Guidelines

Any AASP member may nominate (or self-nominate) an AASP member for this award.

The nomination materials should include:

  1. Detailed information about the person’s work within applied sport psychology.
  2. Submissions may be no more than two (2) pages single-spaced.
  3. Submission of a resume/curriculum vitae is required.

A three-person subcommittee from the AASP Foundation, including at least one AASP student member, will review the application(s).

A plaque, cash award of $250 (paid by AASPF) and waiver of the conference registration fee for that year’s conference (paid by AASPF) will be awarded at the Annual Conference.

*Deadline for this award: March 1 of each year.