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AASP Fellows

A Fellow is an AASP member who has achieved distinction through significant contributions to academic and professional practice knowledge in sport, exercise, and performance psychology.

AASP Fellows are conferred by the Fellow Review Committee, which affirms that a member has achieved the following criteria.

Criteria to Become a Fellow

Deadline: March 1 each year

  • Demonstrated high standards of professional development by committing directly to the goals and long-range activities of the Association as evidenced by activities such as presentations at Association conferences, membership on Association committees, and contributions to Association publications. 
  • A doctorate from an accredited institution in a field related to sport psychology.
  • Been a member of the Association for at least five consecutive years.
  • Made significant contributions to academic and professional practice knowledge in sport, exercise, and performance psychology as evidenced by a distinguished record of academic publications, applied publications, the development of outstanding educational materials and programs, and/or via major contributions to sport organizations (e.g. design, implement and sustain over time a sport psychology program in a National Sport Governing Body, influence sport policy at the nation or international level).
  • Received approval by the Fellow Review Committee.

(Constitution Article IV Section 3)

Fellow Application Guidelines

Active, Inactive, and Emeritus Fellow Status

As stated in the Constitution, only active fellows and fellow emeriti can vote on issues relating to certification standards, ethical principles, and professional standards.

Active fellow status requires current AASP membership and attendance at an AASP conference within the last three years. Failure to meet these criteria will result in inactive fellow status.

Fellow Emeritus: Persons who have been an active fellow of AASP within five years of their retirement can apply to become a Fellow Emeritus of the organization. Please contact the current Fellow Review Committee Chair for additional details. 

Request to Change Fellow Status Form

Active Fellows

Mitch Abrams (2024)

Mark Aoyagi (2016)

Renee Appaneal (2021)

Amy Athey (2023)

Shannon Baird (2023)

Monna Arvinen-Barrow (2020)

Michelle Bartlett (2024)

Eric Bean (2024)

Bonnie Berger (1987)

Lindsey Blom (2019) 

Gordon Bloom (2021)

Sebastian Brueckner (2024)

Angel Brutus (2023)

Damon Burton (2003)

Leeja Carter (2021)

Sarah Castillo (2016)  

Graig Chow (2022)

Stiliani Chroni (2024)

Becky Clark (2018)

Damien Clement (2020)

Stephany Coakley (2023)

Karen Cogan (2004)

Alex Cohen (2018)   

Marc Cormier (2024)

Kristen Dieffenbach (2016)

Joan Duda (1988) 

Natalie Durand-Bush (2018)

Ed Etzel (2007)

Marty Ewing (2010)

Jen Farrell (2024)

Leslee Fisher (2011)

David Fletcher (2014)

Mary Fry (2009)

Nick Galli (2021)

Lori Gano-Overway (2019)

Diane Gill (1987)

Todd Gilson (2019)

Daniel Gould (1987) 

Joy Griffin (2002)

Kensa Gunter (2020)

Doug Hankes (2015)

Stephanie Hanrahan (2010)

Charles Hardy (1987)

Bob Harmison (2015)

Brandonn Harris (2022)

Chris Harwood (2007)

John Heil (1998)

Tim Herzog (2020)

Sharleen Hoar (2024)

Jasmin Hutchinson (2017)

Cindra Kamphoff (2021)

Linda Keeler (2022)

Michele Kerulis (2021)

Anthony Kontos (2017)

Larry Lauer (2023)

Nohelani Lawrence (2022)

Bart Lerner (2016)

Jack Lesyk (2011)

Charlie Maher (2017)

William Massey (2024)

Scott Martin (2004) 

Ian Maynard (2007)

Sean McCann (2009)

Penny McCullagh (1992)

Rick McGuire (2010)

Christopher Mesagno (2023)

Jon Metzler (2013)

Taryn Morgan (2021)

Angus Mugford (2016)

Elizabeth Mullin (2018)

Maria Newton (2012)

Ed O'Connor (2010)

Carole Oglesby (1987) 

Margaret Ottley (2018)

Robert Owens (2023)

Amanda Perkins-Ball (2024)

Kirsten Peterson (2013)

Al Petitpas (1993)

Linda Petlichkoff (1995)

Trent Petrie (2000)

Artur Poczwardowski (2015)

Alison Pope-Rhodius (2018)

Phillip Post (2023)

Alessandro Quartiroli (2021)

Erin Reifsteck (2023)

Glyn Roberts (1987)

Michael Sachs (1987)

Mustafa Sarkar (2023)

Tara Scanlan (1987)

Carrie Scherzer (2022)

Rob Schinke (2014)

Christine Selby (2024)

Jamie Shapiro (2021)

Amber Shipherd (2024)

Elizabeth Shoenfelt (2016)

John Silva (1987)

Wesley Sime (1987)

Duncan Simpson (2021)

Robert Smith (1995)

Christopher Stanley (2024)

Traci Statler (2015)

Joan Steidinger (2021)

Lauren Tashman (2023)

Jim Taylor (2004)

Gershon Tennenbaum (2006)

Melissa Thompson (2018)

Jill Tracey (2023)

Judy Van Raalte (2002)

Tiffanye Vargas (2019)

Robin Vealey (1989)

Amanda Visek (2020)

Chris Wagstaff (2022)

Brent Walker (2015)

Jack Watson (2012)

Robert Weinberg (1987)

Meredith Whitley (2022)

Diane Wiese-Bjornstal (2002)

Jean Williams (1987)

Angela Winter (2024)

Greg Young (2023)

David Yukelson (1987)

Leonard Zaichkowsky (1988)

Rebecca Zakrajsek (2023)

Michael Zito (2020)

Sam Zizzi (2012)

(year inducted as Fellow)

Updated December 2022