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A. Purpose

The Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) Foundation offers "seed grants" for community outreach/research projects. Grants may be for up to $500, recognizing that the total funds available in one year are $4,000 ($1,000 each quarter). The primary function of these community outreach/research seed grants is to provide limited support to AASP members (especially early career professionals/pre-tenured faculty or students) for their community outreach/research endeavors. In general, proposals must:

  1. Integrate research and practice
  2. Be clearly articulated
  3. Ideally show potential for further community outreach/research work, leading to additional funding; and 
  4. Contribute to the knowledge base in exercise and sport psychology.

B. Eligibility

  • Any person who is a current member of AASP is eligible.
  • If students cannot meet this requirement, they may co-author the proposal with a member (typically their advisor) who does meet the requirement. However, it must be clear that it is the student's - not the advisor's - project. If the advisor needs to be first author for a university's purposes even though it's the student's work, please note it's the student's project on the application. 
  • The primary recipient of an AASP Foundation community outreach/research seed grant may only receive such seed grant funding once every 2 years. 
  • Applicants may not apply for an AASP Foundation community outreach/research seed grant and an AASP grant (Community Outreach, Research, etc.) for the same project at the same time.

C. Application Procedure

  • Applications will be reviewed four times a year: beginning January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1.
  • Applications may be received at any time, although grants are due no later than midnight the day before each grant cycle to be considered within that review period. 
  • The grant application should be e-mailed to the AASP Foundation Community Outreach/Research Seed Grant Committee Chairperson at
  • Please use the pdf fillable form to complete the application. 
  • Proposals must include the following components: 
  1. Researcher/Practitioner information (one page maximum) 
  2. Proposal and Timeline for Completion (one page or less – must use 12-point font and 1-inch margins, single spacing is acceptable) – include title but do not include name(s)/affilitation(s) of submitters 
  3. Budget and budget justification 
  4. Submission checklist

    Failure to include all components listed above, or proposals that do not conform to length specifications, will not be reviewed.


D. Budget

  • Budgets must be for a maximum of $500. 
  • Awards will be paid to your department or organization/company, if one exists, and can cover costs such as equipment, hourly assistance, materials, and supplies. 
  • Budgets cannot include indirect costs, salaries for the researcher(s)/practitioner(s), or travel to present the results. 
  • Grants are awarded as soon as the review process is completed each quarter. 
  • Proposals which are not approved will be returned to the researcher(s)/practitioner(s) with feedback and may be resubmitted if desired. 
  • Failure to complete the project may require reimbursement.

E. Obligations

  • A final report on the project (maximum of one page in length) is required once the project has been completed, to be sent to the AASP Foundation Community Outreach/Research Seed Grant Committee Chairperson at 
  • It is encouraged that an abstract of the completed work be submitted for consideration at the first eligible AASP conference that follows the completion of the grant.
  • Any publication(s) resulting from the grant should acknowledge the funding from AASP.