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Current Student Initiatives

Science and Practice Initiative

The Science and Practice Initiative (SPI) is a student-led resource that combines the previous initiatives for Best Practices in Research and Best Practices in Consulting. SPI seeks to provide Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) members with strategies and resources pertinent to the development and practice of a scientist-practitioner model. By addressing both components of the model, SPI signifies a dynamic and valuable channel of information that aims to augment the advancement of AASP and the field of sport psychology.

SPI objectives are as follows:

  • Distribute knowledge on best practices for developing and using a scientist-practitioner model
  • Emphasize the importance of sport psychology researchers and practitioners operating through this model
  • Illuminate the challenges associated with developing/using this model and how to navigate such experiences
  • Increase student member involvement and interest in AASP student initiatives through dialogue with student members
  • Deliver information through various platforms to broaden the reach of SPI and AASP

Watch the free webinar Best Practices of the Scientist-Practitioner Model. Thanks to the SPI members and speakers Graig Chow, PhD, CMPC; Kathleen Mellano, PhD; and Rob Owens, EdD for sharing their expertise.

To learn more about or become involved with the SPI, please contact Rachel Shinnick or Oliva Wyatt.

Social Communication Initiative

The Social Communication Initiative (SCI) intends to facilitate student activities at AASP; inform others about these activities and provide a platform for student members to stay connected with each other. The SCI will achieve these goals by working closely with the Web Presence Committee and other student delegates. Their primary tasks will involve creating, updating, and optimizing website content. For instance, they will facilitate the writing of blogs and young writer’s corner articles for the bimonthly AASP newsletter.

To learn more about or become involved with the SCI, please contact Ella Bachmeier.

Conference Planning Initiative

Combining what was previously known as the Student Challenge Initiative, Graduate Information Fair, and Student Conference Volunteers, Conference Planning Initiative (CPI) student delegates will be working closely with the Conference Planning Committee to help facilitate a successful AASP Conference. The mission of CPI will be developed in conjunction with the student representatives and delegates in 2020.

To learn more about or become involved with the CPI, please contact Seth Rose or Ari Sapinsley.

Social Justice Initiative

The Social Justice Initiative (SJI) holds the values of inclusivity, equity, and empowerment. SJI commits itself to:

  • Celebrate and highlight the diversity and inclusivity among AASP members
  • Adopt and use social justice ideals of equity within the populations they work to make individuals feel welcomed, valued, and heard
  • Implement social justice ideals throughout the research process including recruitment, surveying, and the dissemination of scholarship
  • Promote social justice activities that foster and promote diversity and inclusion among the members of the association

To learn more about social justice, diversity, and equity in applied sport psychology, please check out our growing list of resources.

The Social Justice Initiative works closely with the AASP Diversity Committee. To learn more about or become involved with this initiative, please contact Yancy Nesbitt.

Undergraduate Connections Initiative

The Undergraduate Connectives Initiative (UCI) is dedicated to being a resource hub for students interested in the field of sport and performance psychology. We strive to increase student membership, promote student involvement, and continue professional development through AASP. This initiative closely works with the AASP Student Development Committee (SDC) to further provide networking opportunities and support individuals with any queries related to graduate schools, research, professional development, mentorship, career paths, and any relatable opportunities. See a list of Undergraduate Programs in Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology.

To learn more about or become involved with the UCI, please click the heading above or contact Jasmine Morigney.


Best Practices in Research

Best Practices for Research (BPR) is a resource to help guide future research in sport psychology. BPR provides AASP student members with effective strategies for conducting and understanding best research practices. BPR informs readers of common obstacles and pitfalls that sport researchers face, offers general guidelines for overcoming and preventing them, and details the steps needed for a successful research project. BPR is created and updated by AASP student members.

Best Practices in Consulting

The mission of the Best Practices in Consulting (BPC) initiative is to build awareness of the best practices in applied sport and performance psychology consulting to help students and professionals deepen their development. Through interviews with professionals and additional research, student members of this initiative work together to synthesize their findings toward the creation and distribution of educational materials.