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AASP members can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • An annual subscription to the Journal of Applied Sport Psychology (JASP). Published six (6) times a year, all members receive both a print version as well as electronic access via the AASP website.
  • An annual subscription to the Journal of Sport Psychology in Action (JSPA). This publication is e-circulated three times per year.
  • Access to Case Studies in Sport and Exercise Psychology (CSSEP), an online, peer-reviewed journal and searchable library focused on providing practitioners, students, and instructors with case studies showing different approaches (strategies) and methods (tactics) relevant to sport and exercise psychology consulting, covering a wide variety of issues and topics that arise in the profession from around the world.
  • The new Journal for Advancing Sport in Research (JASPR) is tailored to students and early-career practitioners, and it is set to begin accepting submissions beginning in Fall 2020.
  • Access to the primary research publication of the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES), The Sport and Exercise Scientist. AASP members can view and download the full back catalog plus BASES' Expert Statements.
  • Registration discounts for AASP's professional webinars and virtual conferences, offered on a quarterly basis and providing valuable education on a wide range of topics. These are also available to members for on-demand viewing.
  • Discounted registration (a $100+ savings) to attend AASP's 36th Annual Conference, October 6-9, 2021.
  • Opportunity to submit grant proposals for funding of your projects. AASP, in conjunction with our Foundation, invites members to submit "seed grant" proposals (normally from $250 to $5,000) and currently commits $40,000 per year to support high-quality, high impact work.
  • Subscription to the AASP Newsletter, a bi-monthly publication featuring insightful articles about a wide range of applied sport and exercise psychology topics, association news, and information about upcoming AASP events and programs.
  • Access to Professional Liability Insurance for currently active Certified Mental Performance Consultants® (CMPCs).
  • Opportunity to get involved and be "part of the conversation" - join one of AASP's 28 Special Interest Groups (SIGs) or serve on one of our committees.
  • Access to a number of valuable resources in the Member Only area of our website, including a directory that lists member publications, research interests, and social media pages.

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