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Distinguished Public Communication, Awareness, and Outreach Award

Funded by the AASP Foundation

This award recognizes an AASP member’s efforts to promote, raise awareness of the field/profession, or engage in outreach efforts to non-sport psychology related professional organizations. These efforts could include but are not limited to a book, video, webinar, etc. published in the past year, which made a significant contribution to education and/or practice in an area within the field; or theory, research and/or practice with another professional organization (e.g. NATA, ACSM, ACA, NCAA, etc.) 

Award Criteria

Nominees must meet the following criteria:

  • Student or Professional member of AASP.
  • Demonstrate engagement in a public communication, awareness or outreach efforts during the previous calendar year. This effort could include but is not limited to:
    • Actively involved in sustained sharing of information with another professional organization, such as the National Athletic Trainers’ Association, the American College of Sports Medicine, the American Counseling Association, etc. 
    • First author of the contribution (book/video/webinar/other source). Resource made a significant contribution to education and/or practice within the discipline.
    • Other public outreach, awareness or outreach efforts that serve to elevate or raise awareness of the sport psychology field/profession.

Submission Guidelines

Any AASP member may nominate (or self-nominate) an AASP member for this award.

The nomination materials should include:

  • A nomination letter. This may be in the form of a self-statement if self-nominating.
  • Up to four letters of support from a variety of references, including at least one from a professional in the field of sport and exercise psychology noting the impact of the member’s work.
    • Nomination letter and support letters should include detailed information about the members efforts to promote, and engage in outreach efforts to raise awareness of the field, as well as the contribution and significance of these efforts on the field/profession (e.g., number of copies sold, social media engagement, responses to efforts by other organizations etc.) 
    • Each letter for support may be no more than two (2) pages single-spaced. 
  • Submission of a resume/curriculum vitae is required.

A three-person subcommittee from the AASP Foundation, including at least one AASP student member, will review the application(s).

A plaque, cash award of $250 (paid by AASPF) and waiver of the conference registration fee for that year’s conference (paid by AASPF) will be awarded at the Annual Conference. 

*Deadline for this award: March 1 of each year.