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As a resource for its students, the Student Development Committee recorded several brief interviews with students and professionals with the goal of providing advice to students on various topics, like research, grants, choosing a graduate program, and starting a practice. Included in this resource are videos by Dr. Kit on counseling and sports performance. 

Table of Contents

Collaboration Webinars Between APA Division 47 and AASP

Student Development Committee Videos

Dr. Kit Videos

Video Resources

So, You Want to Be a Sport Psychology Professional

Featuring Mark Aoyagi, PhD, CMPC, Kate F. Hays, PhD, CMPC, Judy Van Raalte, PhD, CMPC, this webinar was created to help students find the right graduate training path for their desired career in applied sport psychology and was hosted by Division 47 Society of Sport, Exercise & Performance Psychology of the American Psychological Association (APA) and co-sponsored by AASP.

From Preparation to Competition: Exploring Student-Athlete Mental Health

Featuring Jessica M. Mohler, PsyD, CMPC, this webinar was geared towards students in training programs in applied sport & exercise psychology and was hosted by Division 47 Society of Sport, Exercise & Performance Psychology of the American Psychological Association (APA) and co-sponsored by AASP.

Advice for Starting the Research Process

Bill Way, MS, and Rob Schinke, EdD, discuss how and why students should become involved with research during their academic careers.

Grant Writing Advice for Students

Amanda Visek, PhD, and Candace Hogue provide tips for writing grants and explain their benefits.

How Can Students Be Involved in AASP?

Leigh Bryant, MS, talks about a number of ways students can involve themselves in the Association for Applied Sport Psychology.

Tips for Attending Your First AASP Conference

Nick Galli, PhD, and Anna-Marie Jaeschke, MS, give some great practical advice for first-time conference attendees.

Tips for Starting Your Private Practice

Jack Lesyk, PhD, CMPC shares useful information for how you can start your own consulting practice.

What to Think About When Choosing a Graduate Program

Dolores Christensen, MA, and Jack Watson, PhD, CMPC, share their thoughts on how students can select a graduate program that fits them.

Counseling (Sport Psychology) PhD - Faculty Advice

Trent Petrie, PhD, talks about what you can do with a counseling doctoral degree focused on sport psychology and tips for those interested in this career path.

Sport and Performance Psychology MA - Faculty Advice

Mark Aoyagi, PhD, discusses what types of careers (army, coaching, etc.) are available to those with a master's degree in sport psychology.

Counseling (Sport Psychology) PhD - Student Advice

Joey Ramaeker, a doctoral student earning his PhD in counseling psychology with an emphasis on sport psychology, discusses why he chose this route along with advice for students going this route.

Sport and Performance Psychology MA - Student Advice

Chad Doerr, a master's student pursuing a degree in sport and performance psychology, shares what he has learned from his program and challenges he has encountered in this area.

Clinical and Sport Psychologist Career

Jessica Dale, PsyD, describes her typical day as a clinical and sport psychologist along with advice on what you need to do to become one.