Members Area

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging & Justice (DEIBJ)

The Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) seeks to foster an inclusive and welcoming association climate that actively promotes the respect for and the value of human diversity within members and through professional actions. AASP's strategic plan calls for an inclusive and diverse profession whose members can interact in culturally responsive, sensitive, and ethical ways. AASP's Advocacy Committee, Diversity Committee, International Relations Committee, diversity-oriented Special Interest Groups, and related programs, groups, and activities advance AASP's goals related to diversity, equity, and inclusion within the association and profession. 

Advocacy Committee

  • Deyanira Enriquez, Mallori, and Derek Zike (Leadership Council)

The Advocacy Committee is responsible for coordinating the AASP internal and external advocacy initiatives as they relate to membership and sport-related issues within local, state, national, and international sectors. Often in collaboration with AASP's Diversity Committee, the Ethics Committee, and the International Relations Committee, the Advocacy Committee's role is broadly focused on generating and coordinating advocacy efforts that put into action AASP's commitment to diversity, inclusion, and social justice.

Diversity Committee

  • Hannah Bennett (Chair)

AASP's Diversity Committee ensures that AASP honors its commitment to diversity. We define diversity broadly and include (but are not limited to) race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, nationality, physical capacities, and sexual orientation. This committee makes recommendations to AASP's Executive Board on strategies and directives that will create an inclusive community for all our members. The objectives of the Diversity Committee are continually modified as AASP grows in its responsiveness to diversity.

Diversity & Inclusion Council

  • Stephany Coakley (Chair)

The Association for Applied Sport Psychology's Diversity and Inclusion Council serves as an advisory board to the organization on issues of diversity, inclusion, and social justice. The Council consists of internal members (i.e., current AASP Members) and external members (i.e., non-AASP members) from a variety of sport, health, exercise, and performance-related fields. Together the Council serves as an advisory committee to the organization, advocating for organizationally inclusive and socially just practices throughout our organization and to the communities we serve. AASP is thrilled to announce our Inaugural Diversity and Inclusion Council. 

International Relations Committee

  • Karen Lo (Chair)

The mission of AASP's International Relations Committee (IRC) is to help promote the association outside of the United States among sport, exercise, and performance (SEP) trainees, professionals, and scholars, as well as related SEP organizations. It is also charged with raising awareness of the work that AASP members and SEP individuals perform around the globe.

Diversity-Oriented Special Interest Groups