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In an effort to recognize association members' contributions to the science and practice of applied sport psychology, AASP has established an awards and grants program. AASP Awards and AASP Foundation Awards recognize the outstanding contributions of student and professional members whose work advances the knowledge base and enhances the delivery of services to consumers.

All nomination materials/letters of recommendation must be received by March 1 11:59 p.m. PT in the award year except for the Ken Ravizza Performance Excellence Award, which is due by November 26 of the year prior to the award being given (i.e. November 26, 2023 for the 2024 award).

>> Guidelines to Applying for AASP Awards
>> AASP Awards Application Form 
(to be submitted with other materials as outlined in guidelines document)

>> Guidelines to Applying for AASP Foundation Awards
>> AASP Foundation Awards Application Form 
(to be submitted with other materials as outlined in AASP Foundation Awards Guidelines document)

To submit, combine your application and supporting materials into ONE single attachment PDF file** and send it to Applications that do not follow guidelines per instructions will not be reviewed.

**For the Doctoral Dissertation Award, you should submit two PDFs – one with a blind copy of the abstract only, and the other with your full application plus a non-blind abstract.

**For the Master's Thesis Award, you should submit two PDFs – one with a blind full copy of the thesis only, and the other with your complete application plus a non-blind abstract.

If you have questions about how to submit your application, please contact AASP at 317-205-9225 or

AASP members who have been found to have committed a violation of our Ethics Code will be ineligible to apply for an AASP or AASP Foundation Award for a period of time after their formal sanction. The Ethics Committee will determine the length of the awards moratorium, which will be commensurate with the severity of the imposed ethical sanction.

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AASP Awards

AASP Foundation Awards

  • Distinguished Applied Practitioner Award 
    This award is designated for sport psychology practitioners who demonstrate excellence and longevity in the field of sport psychology. The purpose is to recognize those individuals who are established and thriving. Funded by the AASP Foundation.

  • Distinguished Public Communication, Awareness, and Outreach Award
    Recognizes an AASP member’s efforts to promote, raise awareness of the field/profession, or engage in outreach efforts to non-sport psychology related professional organizations. These efforts could include but are not limited to a book, video, webinar, etc. published in the past year, which made a significant contribution to education and/or practice in an area within the field; or theory, research and/or practice with another professional organization (e.g. NATA, ACSM, ACA, NCAA etc.) Funded by the AASP Foundation.

  • Early Career Applied Practitioner Award 
    The award is designated for sport psychology practitioners who have recently entered into the applied field post-graduation. The purpose is to support those early in their career, a time that is often marked by financial instability as well as to recognize the difficulty of starting a new practice. Funded by the AASP Foundation.

  • Kate F. Hays Distinguished Mentor Award
    Recognizes outstanding efforts by an AASP member as a mentor/supervisor who has had a significant impact on their mentees in the field. Funded by the AASP Foundation.

  • Teaching Excellence Award
    This award was developed to acknowledge exceptional classroom educators in the field of sport, exercise, and performance psychology. It is given to recognize a member of AASP who demonstrates teaching excellence and advances the field/profession of sport psychology through teaching. Funded by the AASP Foundation.