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How to Apply

To apply for certification via the Standard Application pathway:

To apply for certification via the Experienced Practitioner Application pathway:

  • Complete and submit the CMPC® Experienced Application Form by following the instructions provided on the form. All materials must be submitted in a single PDF (except transcripts).
  • Submit official transcripts from the university/college of qualifying master’s or doctoral degree. The institution should mail these directly to
  • Submit a curriculum vitae that documents professional experiences and knowledge of the field.
  • Submit employer verification letters (if indicated).
  • Submit a signed Experienced Practitioner Reference Form from three mentors/supervisors/peer consultants (at least one who is a Certified Mental Performance Consultant® approved by the Certification Council to provide mentorship).
  • Submit a signed Ethical Code statement, including answers and explanations in response to professional conduct and criminal behavior questions where appropriate.
  • Pay the application fee of $375.
  • Applications must be approved before candidates are eligible to sit for the exam.

For information on applying for recertification, click here.

Review of application materials:

Upon submission of the application form and supporting documentation, applicants will receive a confirmation email from a certification program staff member. This staffer will communicate requests to applicants via email for additional materials if the submitted application is incomplete or missing supporting documents. Incomplete materials will not be reviewed. Following the confirmation email from the certification program staffer, complete application materials will be sent to the Certification Council for review, and a decision will be communicated to the applicant via email within 9 weeks.

Scheduling an exam:

Applicants are eligible to take the certification exam following the Council’s review and approval of their eligibility requirements. Applicants are required to schedule and take the exam at an approved testing center or via live online proctoring within six months of their application approval. Applicants will receive exam scheduling instructions when they are notified by the staff member of their approval.