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AASP Strategic Alliance Liaison

AASP Strategic Alliance Liaison

The role of the AASP Strategic Alliance Liaison is to promote the organization to groups and organizations outside of the field of sport and exercise psychology. For instance, this individual would promote AASP and the larger profession to sport, exercise and related performance groups and organizations. To do this, the AASP Strategic Alliance Liaison will work closely with the public relations firm contracted by the organization and the Public Relations and Outreach Division Head. This individual will report directly to the Public Relations and Outreach Division Head.

The role of this individual is to work with the Community Outreach Committee to generate a list of groups and organizations that AASP could connect with to increase the profile of AASP and sport and exercise psychology as a profession globally. As such, the goal is to increase the number of sport and exercise psychology related jobs in the industry, and to ensure that AASP has a connection with other professional organizations.

Within this role, the individual would make phone calls and develop connections with professional and sport, exercise and performance related groups/organizations. The individual would serve as a long-term connection with the Joint Commission on Sports Medicine and Science, and be willing to attend related conferences (e.g., JCSMS, ACSM, NASPE, APA Div 47, BASES, COSP) and travel to meet with executives from related organizations (e.g., NCAA, Little League Baseball) with the funding of AASP.

The AASP Strategic Alliance Liaison position is an appointed (volunteer) position that serves at the will and pleasure of each AASP President coming into office. Appointments of this position by the President will be made in consultation with the Public Relations and Outreach Division Head and the Executive Board. Since this position is not an elected position, it is not considered an Executive Board position, and does not have voting privileges on the Executive Board. However, it is essential that the individual serving in this position have a strong understanding of the history and current directions of the organization and Executive Board. Therefore, when appropriate, this individual will be invited to sit in on Executive Board meeting phone calls, and when appropriate, discuss issues pertinent to the strategic alliance initiatives of the organization. The person serving in this role will not be eligible to sit in on any executive sessions of the executive committee, and in most cases will not travel to spring board meetings. The individual within this role will be filled-in on all other relevant Executive Board issues by the Public Relations and Outreach Division Head. Given the role of this individual, it would be preferable for the individual to have previously served on the Executive Board, and have a strong understanding of the history and functioning of the organization. Further, it would be preferable for the person in this role to have background in and appreciation for both psychology and exercise science.

The position of AASP Strategic Alliance Liaison will be developed on a trial basis. Therefore, this position will begin in 2013 and will have an automatic sunset of December 2016. Based upon the merits of this position as determined by the standing Executive Board in 2016, a decision can then be made about renewal or making this position permanent. If the decision is made to renew this position in 2016, the Executive Board should also consider putting in a term length for the position (e.g., 6 years).