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Association for Applied Sport Psychology's Statement on Recent Racialized Events

June 1, 2020

The senseless killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery have been emotionally overwhelming and traumatic. These deaths along with the history of racial injustice and brutality against Black people are stark reminders that racism and anti-Blackness continue to function in our society, in and out of sport. These are issues that we, as a professional community, cannot afford to ignore or remain silent about. 

To our Black colleagues within AASP, including professionals, early career practitioners and students, and in the broader field of sport psychology around the world – we share in your heartbreak, grief, and outrage over these killings, and we extend our warmth to you. The recent hateful events remind us how far we still have to go to heal from centuries of discrimination, hatred and bigotry. We stand with you in solidarity and we commit as an organization to challenge and confront racism through anti-racist action within the domain of sport and beyond. 

AASP unequivocally denounces and condemns these and other instances of racialized violence. Racism and other forms and systems of oppression have no place in our world, in sport, or within our professional community. AASP is committed to addressing the deep systemic injustice of racism and advancing equity and inclusion for all people. 

We do not have all the answers but we are an organization that values differences, diversity, and a shared compassion for humanity. We call upon our colleagues, especially our White and White-identifying colleagues and the broader sport and exercise psychology field, to commit to anti-racism. As an organization, we walk in solidarity with the Black community and commit to speak, act and resist against all forms of injustice to create a more equitable sport culture, society and world.

To assist our membership and larger community with navigating current events, AASP is creating a comprehensive collection of resources that will be added to our website shortly.

Contributors to the statement include the AASP Advocacy Committee, Dr. Leeja Carter (AASP Diversity & Inclusion Division Head), Dr. Kensa Gunter (AASP President-Elect), 
and Julia Cawthra (AASP Student Representative)