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Anger & Violence in Sport


The Anger & Violence in Sport Special Interest Group (SIG) is being proposed to unify the study and application of sport psychology in a domain, anger and violence in sports, that gets a large amount of attention in the media but correspondingly little attention in the field. The various areas within this SIG that will be explored include, but are not limited to, standardization of anger and aggression inventories on athlete populations, measurement of athletes' anger scores compared to different athlete groups as well as non-athletes, development of anger management programs to serve as both performance enhancement and violence reduction tools and the corresponding study of these programs' effectiveness, issues related to dating/sexual violence prevention and education, and media relations to provide a voice for AASP in responding to requests for information on these topics.

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If you are interested in joining the Anger & Violence in Sport Special Interest Group (SIG) or learning more about the group, contact SIG Coordinator Mitch Abrams and Michelle Bartlett.



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