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The use of performance and image enhancing drugs (PEIDs) in sport is a growing issue both nationally and globally. Meanwhile, the updated World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Code includes increased punishment for athlete support personnel (e.g. parents, coaches, athletic trainers) who are deemed complicit to doping practices.  Accordingly, the primary goal of the AASP Clean Sport SIG is to promote increased knowledge and awareness of the roles and responsibilities of athlete support personnel in the pursuit of Clean Sport (i.e. doping-free), and in turn, to create and foster a strong anti-doping environment within the sport context(s) that we find ourselves operating in and/or influencing. The SIG group seeks to provide a forum for researchers, practitioners and policy makers to engage in scholarly discussion and sharing of current research and practices in order to develop ‘best practice’ with regards to Clean Sport.


  1. Increase awareness and appreciation for the roles of athlete support personnel under the new WADA code
  2. Condense, develop and broadcast research knowledge that it relevant to the pursuit of Clean Sport
  3. Create and facilitate scholarly collaborations between relevant individuals, institutions, and organizations who share teh common aim of promoting Clean Sport
  4. Facilitate and support a community-based approach to fostering Clean Sport at all levels of sport.


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