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Teaching Sport and Exercise Psychology


This SIG is committed to the improvement of the teaching and learning process in sport and exercise psychology. While the focus will be on college and graduate school levels, the teaching of younger athletes will also be an important concern.  Topics of interest include (a) the tools and strategies employed by instructors (e.g., innovative and useful activities, videos, bibliographic material, and curriculum design), (b) empirical research on the teaching and learning of sport and exercise psychology, and (c) professional and ethical issues related to the assessment and evaluation of sport and exercise psychology students, courses, and instructors.  Our SIG sponsors yearly symposia on teaching sport and exercise psychology, and is responsible for the Coubertin’s Corner column in the AASP Newsletter.  We are currently working to increase our web presence.

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If you are interested in joining the Teaching Sport and Exercise Psychology Special Interest Group (SIG) or learning more about the group, contact the SIG Coordinator listed on the SIG homepage.

Sample Syllabi

Click on each of the links below to view sample syllabi for Sport Psychology courses.

Textbook Project

McKendree University Student Research Analyzing and Grading 6 Sport Psychology Textbooks
The research was conducted by individual coding, student focus groups, and faculty surveys. Some of this information was presented at the AASP 2015 Poster SEssion. Special thanks to student research assistants Mariah Logan, Dillon Farmer, Brandon Nabors, and Austin Rettke. For more information, you may contact Tami Eggleston.

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