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International Relations Committee

The mission of the International Relations Committee (IRC) is to promote the representation of sport, exercise, and health psychology outside of the United States and to support the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) in its promotional activity outside North America. Part of the IRC's mission is to increase the awareness of AASP and its members of the work of sport, exercise, and health psychology organizations, professionals, and scholars around the world.

This mission is achieved by accomplishing the following tasks:

  • Establishing and developing meaningful and productive exchange relationships with international organizations, scholars, and professionals around the world.
  • Identifying distinguished international scholars and professionals who have made significant contributions to the scientific body of knowledge and/or practical applications in the fields of sport, exercise, and health psychology.
  • Organizing and hosting an annual symposium with invited international scholar(s) and practitioner(s) who represent different regions of the world.
  • Identifying possible international conferences and/or events for promoting AASP outside North America.
  • Advocating the international and multicultural growth of AASP through collaborative projects, activities, events, communications (e.g., newsletter), and invited speaker(s) at the AASP Annual Conference.

The International Relations Committee members are:

  • Sebastian Bruckner (Germany), Chair
  • Seongkwan Cho (Korea/USA)
  • Stiliani Chroni (Greece/Norway)
  • Faye Didymus (United Kingdom)
  • Janaina Lima Fogaca (Brazil/USA)
  • Adisa Haznadar (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • Michel Hogue (Canada)
  • Karen Lo (Hong Kong)
  • Cristina Rolo (Portugal/Netherlands)
  • Takahiro Sato (USA/Japan)
  • Olivier Schmid (Switzerland)
  • Peter Schneider (Germany/USA)
  • Shameema Yousuf (United Kingdom/Zimbabwe)

Past Chairs:

  • Stephanie Hanrahan
  • Mi-Sook Kim
  • Artur Poczwardowski
  • Ale Quartiroli
  • Glyn Roberts
  • Tatiana Ryba

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