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Mission & Values

Founded in 1985, the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) is the leading organization for sport psychology consultants and professionals who work with athletes, coaches, non-sport performers (dancers, musicians), business professionals, and tactical occupations (military, firefighters, police) to enhance their performance from a psychological standpoint.  

AASP is an international, multidisciplinary, professional association with over 2,500 members in 55 countries worldwide, with backgrounds in a variety of areas including sport science, social work, counseling and clinical psychology.

AASP promotes the development of science and ethical practice in the field of sport psychology and offers certification (Certified Mental Performance Consultant ®) to qualified individuals who have completed a combination of educational and work requirements and successfully pass a certification exam.

Mission Statement

AASP is an organization focused on human performance, holistic well-being and social functioning through education, research & practice, certification and service to the profession of sport psychology.

We accomplish our mission through:

  • Supporting and disseminating original and relevant scholarship and research that informs evidence-based practice of sport psychology
  • Providing an engaging professional forum for networking and information sharing among members committed to scholarship and/or evidence-based practice
  • Promoting our expertise and services for use by athletes, coaches, non-sport performers (dancers, musicians), business professionals, and high-risk occupations (military, firefighters, police)
  • Mentoring professionals in all stages of their careers
  • Upholding professional standards for competent and ethical practice
  • Fostering societal awareness of the value of our expertise 

What are our values?

  • Excellence – we thrive on advancement, innovation, and strive for quality
  • Respect – we strive to treat all people with dignity, open-mindedness, and esteem
  • Integrity – we communicate directly with openness, transparency, and authenticity
  • Diversity - we value an inclusive environment in which diverse backgrounds, assets, and perspectives are appreciated as enrichment to our professional, educational, and personal experiences
  • Collaboration – we believe research informs practice and practice informs research, and we embrace the interconnectedness of human performance, well-being, and social functioning
  • Service – we commit to using our knowledge, skills, and abilities to provide value to the broader community

Who are AASP members?

The membership of AASP includes professionals and students from the fields of sport science and psychology.

  • Sport science consists of many sub-divisions, including kinesiology, biomechanics, sport management, sport physiology, sport nutrition, athletic training, and others
  • Psychology, as applied to sport and exercise includes counseling, developmental, clinical, and social psychology