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SIG Description: Our freedom and national security depend upon the men and women of our Armed Forces to perform at their highest levels. The Department of Defense (DoD) established Total Force Fitness (TFF) as a holistic approach to ensure our Armed Forces' men and women are ready when our Nation calls. TFF consists of eight domains which recognize the mind-body connection: social, physical, environmental, medical, spiritual, nutritional, psychological, and behavioral. The psychological aspects of performance apply not only to the psychological domain, but also tie in closely with several other domains. In addition, the US Army has developed a Comprehensive Soldier Fitness Program which includes a vast array of sport and performance psychology applications to enhance soldier and leader development.

This SIG aims to engage in professional dialogue related to the application of sport and performance psychology within the military setting. Specifically, we are interested in research and applied strategies for training and educating soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines to perform at their best in combat. Specific topics of interest are broad and include but are not limited to: building confidence, goal setting, attention control, energy management, integrating imagery and other emerging evidence based practices.

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