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AASP 2018 Conference Video Highlights

Keynote Presentations

Overpromise & Underdeliver: The Story of Organized Sport
John Amaechi OBE, Organisational Psychologist, Chartered Scientist, and New York Times Best-Selling Author, UK 

The Culture Shift: Developing a High-Performing Team Within a Complex Environment
Mark Shapiro, Toronto Blue Jays President & CEO 

Interview With Eric Lindros, Hockey Hall of Famer & AASP 2018 Performance Excellence Award Winner
Moderated by Katy Tran Turner, Buffalo Sabres/ Buffalo Bills, USA 

Coleman Griffith Lecture - Taking the Pulse and Looking to the Future
Penny Werthner, University of Calgary, Canada 

Presidential Address -  “Ravizza-isms” and AASP: From Iconic Mottos to Organizational Insights
Traci Statler, Cal State Fullerton, USA 

Lessons Learned During the PyeongChang Olympics: An International Practitioner Perspective
Alexander Cohen, United States Olympic Committee, USA; Carolina Lundqvist, The Swedish Olympic Committee & Linkoping University, Sweden; Karen MacNeill, MacNeill Performance Consulting, Canada; Jean François Ménard, Kambio Performance, Canada; Lindsay Thornton, United States Olympic Committee, USA, Moderator 

Panel Presentations

Sport Psychology Services at the Paralympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea
Jamie Shapiro, University of Denver, USA; Yongchul Chung, Sogang University, South Korea; Kristine Dun, Australian Institute of Sport, Australia; Christian Heiss, Performance Entwicklung, Germany

Where Our Feet Were: Professional Reflections of Experiences Before the “Dream Job”
Bernie Holliday, Pittsburgh Pirates, USA; Nohelani Lawrence, University of Southern California, USA; Angus Mugford, Toronto Blue Jays, USA; Chelsea Wooding, National University, USA, Moderator 

Developing Personal and Team Resilience in Elite Sport: Research to Practice
Mustafa Sarkar, Nottingham Trent University, UK; Peter Haberl, USOC, USA; Duncan Simpson, IMG Academy, USA; Cindra Kamphoff, Private Practice & Minnesota State University, USA; Göran Kentta, The Swedish School of Sport and Health Science, Sweden; Angus Mugford, Toronto Blue Jays, USA, Moderator 

Mental Health and Professional Athletes: Perspectives, Programs, and Practices
Charles Maher, Cleveland Indians, USA; Chris Carr, St. Vincent Sports Performance, USA; Scott Goldman, University of Michigan, USA; Kensa Gunter, Gunter Psychological Services, LLC, USA; Wendy Borlabi, Chicago Bulls, USA