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Distinguished International Professional Award

The objectives of the Distinguished International Professional (DIP) Award are to (a) recognize and honor the achievements of outstanding individuals from the international community whose scientific and/or applied work has significantly impacted the field of sport and performance psychology, and (b) foster the internationality of AASP and sport and performance psychology. Like AASP Fellows, DIP would be carefully selected to represent a small, but significant, sample of outstanding individuals in the field of sport and performance psychology.

Award Criteria
The recipient of the award must meet the following criteria:

  • The DIP recipient must reside in and be a native from a country outside of the US and Canada.
  • Significantly impacts the field of sport and performance psychology. The DIP recipient must have made significant contributions to the scientific body of knowledge in sport and performance psychology as evidenced by a distinguished record of publications and/or by exceptional quality and innovation in delivering services to the public. However, this does not mean that their job or primary interest is in sport and performance psychology, but rather that their work impacts the field of sport and exercise psychology. For example, an eminent psychology theoretician or renowned clinical practitioner could become an AASP DIP.
  • Has been recognized for their international impact on knowledge development and/or practical application in the field of sport and performance psychology as evidenced by international publications, worldwide presentations, conference proceedings, and/or coaching education and programs developed internationally, promotion of sport and exercise psychology education and application in several areas (e.g., sports, education, arts, business) within diverse international institutions, community, and the media (i.e., their work is known beyond their own country). 
  • Received approval from the AASP Executive Board following selection by the International Relations Committee.
  • Although the nominated candidate does not need to be an AASP member, she/he has to be nominated by a current member in good standing.

DIP is an award, not a type of AASP membership. Individuals who attain AASP DIP status are not granted voting privileges, but rather are recognized and honored as DIP.

Submission Guidelines
An AASP member must nominate candidates for this award. 

Please include the following materials in your application:

  • A letter of nomination for the candidate from an AASP member describing, in detail, the achievements of the candidate in relation to the award criteria (three [3] pages maximum). The AASP member who nominates the candidate cannot also write one of the support letters.
  • Two (2) letters of support for the candidate specifically describing the quality of the candidate’s work and the impact that his/her work has had on the field of sport and exercise psychology. At least one of these letters has to be written by a professional in the sport and exercise psychology field.
  • The candidate’s Curriculum Vitae, which must be written in English and limited to a maximum of 6 pages.

DIP Selection and Recognition Procedures

  • The vitae and nomination letter for DIP status should be electronically sent to by March 1 each year so that the International Relations Committee can evaluate and select the nominees.
  • DIP would be recognized at the AASP conference every year and the conference fee will be waived to the DIP. A plaque will be given to the award winner at the conference.
  • The DIP receives a check of $500. 

*Deadline for this award: March 1 of each year

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