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Professional Liability Insurance for Member CMPCs

AASP has partnered with CM&F Group to provide a liability insurance program for current AASP member CMPCs residing in the United States or US territories. Please note that candidates who are on track to get their certification will not be eligible for individual coverage until they are fully certified.

Why Should CMPCs Have Professional Liability Insurance?

Professional liability insurance is the best way for you as a CMPC® to protect your career and personal assets. Professional liability insurance will protect you from liability should any of your clients claim your services resulted in or contributed to their physical, mental, or financial harm. Being insured adds another layer of protection. Plus, prospective clients may perceive coverage as a higher mark of professionalism that differentiates you from other consultants who do not carry liability insurance. 

USOPC Registry Requirement

The United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC) now requires individuals listed on the Sport Psychology Registry to carry professional liability insurance.

Apply for Coverage


1. Am I covered when traveling internationally to provide services?
Yes, the coverage territory does include coverage outside of the US, but only if the claim is brought within the US.

2. Is the provider covered if they are located in the US but their client is located outside the US?

3. How do I know if I qualify for coverage under 1099 (Self-employed) or W-2 (Employed)?
If the insured operates as an independent contractor or is self-employed, they will need to identify as "self-employed" when applying. If the insured works full-time but does consulting part-time or in addition to their full-time position they would still identify as self-employed. If the insured operates as a full-time employee by a single employer, they will need to identify as "employed" when applying. This can also be determined by how your taxes are done. If you receive a W-2 you will select the "employed" option. If you are filing a 1099, you are considered self-employed. However, if the insured does both, they need to apply as "self-employed."

4. Is this coverage available for CMPCs who are not AASP members?
No. The policy is only a membership benefit for current CMPCs with an active AASP membership in good standing. AASP members who are CMPC-Emeritus status or expired CMPC® status status are not eligible for this policy.   

5. Will coverage expire if I don't renew my AASP membership?
Yes. Please remember to renew to continue liability insurance coverage eligibility.