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2009 Grant Recipient: The Development and Evaluation of a Pilot Performance Enhancement Group (PEG) for Injured College Student Athletes at Two NCAA Institutions

Damien Clement & Vanessa Shannon, West Virginia University
PROJECT GOALS: The primary aim of this project was to develop and evaluate the effectiveness of a performance enhancement group (PEG) at two NCAA institutions. Specifically, the project had three objectives: 1) to develop and implement a PEG for injured collegiate athletes at two NCAA institutions (Division II and Division III); 2) to assess the effectiveness of the PEG at each of these institutions; and 3) to determine what, if any, issues must be addressed with injured student athletes, athletic trainers, sport psychology practitioners, and/or athletic department officials prior to the establishment of permanent PEGs within institutions.
PROJECT STATUS: A PEG group was developed and implemented at one NCAA institution (Division III). This PEG group, co-facilitated by a doctoral student in sport psychology and a certified athletic trainer, met weekly throughout the Fall semester (2009) for a total of ten times. The group consisted of five athletes; this small group setting allowed for a great deal of interaction between the group members and with the group facilitators. An educational approach was utilized with great emphasis placed on teaching the athletes skills that they could use for successful recovery, smooth reintegration back into their sports, and application in other areas of their lives. Initial findings will be presented in a symposium at the 25th Annual Association for Applied Sport Psychology Conference. Currently, qualitative data is being collected via focus groups to determine the effectiveness of the PEG. In addition,  a manuscript is being developed discussing the development, implementation, and facilitation of a PEG.