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AASP Statement on “Report of the Independent Investigation to the U.S. Soccer Federation Concerning Allegations of Abusive Behavior and Sexual Misconduct in Women’s Professional Soccer”

The Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) and its members are committed to fostering a safe and positive sport environment for all athletes. The recent investigative report that was commissioned by the United States Soccer Federation exposed several cases of sexual misconduct and verbal and emotional abuse within the National Women’s Soccer League.

We admire the courage of the women’s soccer athletes who came forward with their experiences and hold space for those who may be enduring in silence. We stand in support of and in solidarity with these athletes. As an organization, AASP condemns verbally and emotionally abusive coaching, sexual misconduct, and lack of appropriate action by sport organizations to support athletes who report abuse. We will continue to advocate for safe sport environments that are free from abuse and harm for all athletes in all sports.

AASP members and Certified Mental Performance Consultants® (CMPCs) abide by a code of ethics, in which they seek to avoid and minimize harm, do not exploit or mislead, and contribute to the welfare of those with whom they interact professionally. AASP continues our commitment to educating and protecting ethics and professionalism in athletics within our own field.

We applaud the extensive work that went into this investigation and the transparency it provides. We encourage the U.S. Soccer Federation to closely examine the report’s recommendations to disclose all coaches’ misconduct to their leagues, fostering an environment that is safe for all athletes. 

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