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Regional Conference Application

Regional Conference Grants

AASP is committed to supporting student-oriented professional meetings and awards up to eight grants to a maximum of $500 USD in value per year. The purpose for these grants is to supplement educational opportunities for graduate students and professionals within local level educational offerings as well as help host institutions defer costs associated with regional conferences (e.g., provide seed money) that promote student presentations and/or student-oriented sessions to discuss professional issues.

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Grant Criteria

Grant applications must demonstrate they:

  • Serve a specific region of interested student and professionals,
  • Provide ample time for student presentations, 
  • Promote student development (examples include workshops, meet and greet lunch hour, or professional development themed presentations)
  • Have a budget that is specific, appropriate, and that other funding sources have been investigated prior to applying for the grant, 
  • And have a student registration fee of no more than $50 USD*.

*If a student registration fee of more than $50 USD is indicated, justification for the increased fee is needed. For example, a host site may need to have a higher registration fee if space to hold the conference is not available for free. This justification needs to be highlighted in the application.

*Please note that the grant application process is highly competitive and AASP cannot guarantee full funding of each proposal received.

Application &  Submission Deadline

Please complete the Regional Conference Grant application by September 1. Notification will be sent approximately by November 1.