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Virtual Conference - Changing the Game: Transformative Advances in Youth Sport

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Session length is 3 hours.

Tom Farrey, Author of Game On: The All-American Race to Make Champions of our Children & Director of Sports and Society, The Aspen Institute
Amanda Visek, PhD, CMPC, The George Washington University
Vicki Harber, PhD, Canadian Sport for Life
Katherine Tomaino, MPH, Laureus Sport for Good Foundation
Lindsey Blom, PhD, CMPC, Ball State University
Jean Côté, PhD, Queen's University

Participation, personal development, and performance are chief to providing children with quality experiences. Expert leaders from across non-profit, academic, and federally funded sectors come together to share the latest positive youth development efforts in sport science and practice.

Moderated by Dr. Dan Gould, Michigan State University's Director of the Institute for the Study of Youth Sport, conference speakers will discuss advances that are transforming youth sport culture from grassroots to policy levels. Speakers will center the virtual conference dialogue on answering important calls to action and evidence-based best practices.

Dan Gould, PhD, Michigan State University


State of Play 2015
Tom Farrey
This session takes measure of where we are as a society in providing children with sufficient sport experiences that meet their health needs and that of communities, including the role of Project Play in creating the conditions for stakeholders to improve those opportunities. Eight strategies that sectors can use to deliver universal access to early positive sport activities are shared.

The FUN MAPS: A 360° Evidence-Based Paradigm Shift
Amanda J. Visek
There is an exact science to promoting the most fun positive youth sport experiences for children. Informed and conceptualized entirely by youth sport stakeholders, the FUN MAPS have been featured in over 80+ media stories reaching more than 356 million viewers around the world igniting excitement from grassroots coaches and parents to administrators and policy leaders. This session provides a 360° overview of the FUN MAPS which challenge adult misconceptions of children's fun. Used as tool for transforming youth sport culture, the FUN MAPS are also discussed relative to young athlete's skill development and performance achievement.

Canadian Sport for Life (CS4L): Advancing Physical Literacy, Long-Term Athlete Development, and Lifelong Participation in Sport and Physical Activity
Vicki Harber
Canadian Sport for Life (CS4L) has evolved from a project to a national movement dedicated to improving the quality of sport and physical activity in Canada. CS4L links sport, education, recreation and health, and aligns community, provincial, and national programming. Alongside Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD), CS4L represents a paradigm shift in the way Canadians lead and deliver sport and physical activity. This session provides an overview of CS4L's initiatives and progress.

Increasing Access to Quality Youth Sport Programming Through a Collective Impact Approach
Katherine Tomaino
This talk will explore how the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation's Model City Initiative is supporting New Orleans based sport for development organizations in their collective goal of increasing access to quality youth sport programming for youth throughout the city. Discussion will also detail how a collective impact approach can be used at scale to support youth development at a national and global level.

Sport for Social Change: Increasing Positive Sport Experiences for Youth in Developing Countries
Lindsey Blom
This session highlights AASP members' sport-based development projects designed to increase positive sport experiences for youth in developing countries. More specifically, program development, coach education, and research outcomes related to projects focusing on reducing conflict, countering the recruitment of children into militant groups, and/or aiding in development are discussed.

A Personal Asset Approach to Youth Sport
Jean Côté
This session presents a global vision for sport through a new framework that incorporates the elements necessary for a developmentally sound approach to youth sport involvement.

Continuing Education Credit
K2: Sport Psychology
3.0 CE Credits


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