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JASPR Editorial Board

The JASPR Editorial Board edits the student-oriented online journal, Journal for Advancing Sport Psychology in Research, sponsored by the Association. Regular membership fees include receipt of the journal.

The JASPR Editorial Board Members are:

Establising Editor-in-Chief:

  • Monna Arvinen-Barrow - University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Junior Editor-in-Chief:

  • Liam O’Neil - Utah State University

Establishing Associate Editor:

  • Amanda Visek - The George Washington University

Junior Associate Editors:

  • Daniel Martin - University of Portsmouth
  • Travis Scheadler - The Ohio State University

Managing Editor:

  • Kristina Moore - Boston College

Editorial Board Reviewers:

  • Robert Hilliard - Shenandoah University
  • Joanna Morrissey - University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

Junior Editorial Board Reviewers:

  • Kylee Ault-Baker - Michigan State University
  • Evan Bishop - University of Ottawa
  • Zachary McCarver - University of Northern Colorado

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