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Student Development Committee

The Student Development Committee (SDC) consists of both professional and student members, and is led by 1-2 professional member chairs.  At any given time, the SDC membership must include a minimum of 2 student members.  The SDC is responsible for developing and maintaining professional development opportunities for AASP student members as it relates to consulting, research, and teaching.  The mission of the SDC is to “set up structured opportunities around the country and throughout the year for students to have more contact with professional members and to develop students as young professionals.”  
The specific objectives of the SDC include:  
1. The delivery of professional development-focused programming (1 workshop minimum) at each annual conference, which is to be primarily geared toward student members.    
i. At least 1 of the workshops must incorporate job preparation-related information and contain activities that coincide with the objectives outlined in the current strategic plan.    

Student Development Committee Chair: Amber Shipherd and Robyn Trocchio

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