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Web Presence Committee

The purpose of the Web Presence Committee (WPC) is to support AASP’s internet presence, including the AASP website and social media. The committee’s goals are to: a) make the AASP website user-friendly and a valuable resource for external consumers (e.g., athletes, coaches, and parents), professionals, and students and b) increase visibility and credibility of AASP. The WPC will accomplish these objectives by:

  • Soliciting and editing blog post submissions written by AASP members for external consumers;
  • Organizing and reviewing the AASP website on a regular basis;
  • Supporting and optimizing AASP social media by collaborating with our PR Company and the AASP Communications Manager; and
  • Supporting AASP Public Relations and Outreach efforts related to web presence.

Web Presence Committee Chair: Megan Byrd

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